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It has been a while for my Goreys, my actual no-cheating-do-things-by-the-book Legacy, hasn't it? A refresher, if you've forgotten who everyone is by now: Epitwee Gorey is our founder, a Family/Knowledge Sim with the lifetime want to marry off six children. She married Hal Cooke, a handsome Knowledge Sim she met in college. Hal wants to become a Media Magnate, which may or may not happen, as he's already an elder. They had six children: Quentin (Knowledge), twins Celia (Fortune) and Thump (Knowledge), twins Louise (Romance) and Ortenzia (Pleasure) and the baby, Maud (Family). Quentin and Thump are very dull. The girls have much more personality, making the heir race a close one to call. And, the naming theme for everyone are names and words taken from the works of Edward Gorey, which means if these Sims aren't goth, they'll likely be pretty eccentric.

Everyone is in college at the moment, and let me tell you, University takes for-freaking-ever with six kids.

Celia passes on some important advice to Maud over some mac & cheese. You know, as you do.

Louise, having finally Gotten Some (pickiest romance Sim ever), has to write about it in her diary. In the middle of the room, of course.

What the hell, why is Maud mopping up the main common room? Is there a cow in the dorm again?!

There is a cow in the dorm, much to Thump's chagrin.

C'mon Thump, so something interesting and beat the cow up at least!

Cow: Come at me, bro!

Alas, Thump cannot muster the courage to be interesting, and does nothing while the cow taunts him.

Cow: Wuss.

Yes, Cow, you are sadly correct. Thump is a giant wuss.

Quentin has a mild freakout, no doubt induced by the fact that he's having No Fun, and there's a goddamn cow in his dorm that will not leave.

Thump and Ortenzia mop up the upstairs common room, after the cow attacks it. You have no idea how much I want to murder that cow.

Maud actually does something college related and writes her term paper! Go Maud!

Meanwhile, Louise rages at SSX3. Well, I'd rage too if that was the only video game I had to play.

Ortenzia runs into her latest conquest Leslie on the street, and decides to charm him, even though she's in her PJs.

It obviously works. But then, it always works for Ortenzia. Apparently, no man can resist her sluttiness charms. (It's all good, Ortenzia is just very in charge of her sexuality.)

Meanwhile, downstairs, it's a pajama dance party.

Thump dances angrily! Probably because he knows he won't be heir.

More dormies join the dancing fun, including Maud and Ashton. Maud is so dorky when she dances, it's adorable.

Aw, and she and Ashton dance together. They are so sweet. Now I'm glad that Epitwee didn't like Ashton when she was in college. He's much better with Maud. (We won't get into the fact that he's been in college since before Maud was born...)

They are cute!

Oh ho ho! Louise is making use of her bed! Is she being a proper Romance Sim and making a new conquest, thanks to ACR?

Nope, it's just Fayiz again. Well, as long as she's happy.

Maud: ...and that's why I think we shouldn't eat such over-processed food. We should really try to get the dorm to go organic...

Way to kill the conversation and everyone's appetites, Maud!

I took these screenies so long ago, I don't remember why now. They're either coming back from class or from a test. I have no idea anymore.

Inside: excitement! Thump cannot BELIEVE the cafeteria lady managed to set the stove on fire. AGAIN.

At least she looks properly ashamed back there in the corner. I swear that cow knocked a screw loose in her head.

Ah, no, here we go. Everyone coming back from their sophomore finals. They're all on the Dean's list and all graduated to junior! Yay!

Maud us excited to be a junior, and jumps right into studying with her man.

Louise gets a new, much more ~*romantic*~ outfit now that she's a junior.

Celia also gets a new look for her junior year, very business-like and classy. She is a Fortune Sim after all.

And that's all for this update. There's MUCH MOAR COLLEGE to come, tragically. It takes so long! But hey, they're halfway there, at least!

Thanks for reading and comments are love. ^_^

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