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Long delay between entries, I know, but that's the usual for me. This is a pretty sizeable one though, so maybe that makes up for it! Anyway, in our last delightful episode, everyone finally finished college, and there was much rejoicing!

First off, let's meet our main heir: Celia Gorey! She's rocking her new gothier makeover.

She's also rocking that designer Sentate pantsuit. And most likely considering making over the house. Celia is a Fortune Sim after all, and she just can't live in a tacky environment. But before we can get to that, all of Epitwee's OTHER kids have to get married and move the hell out of the house.

Quentin, being the oldest, gets to go first. For all the spares, I just let them wear whatever formal thing the game randomized them into, which explains Xiang's sudden penchant for latex. Commence Quentin & Xiang wedding spam!

Everybody smustles, and thus THAT wedding is finished!

Moving right along, the next pair to be married are Thump and Renee. She keeps her hat on through the whole thing, knowing it's one of the things Thump likes the most about her. Commence Thump & Renee wedding spam!

Having two weddings in the same day gets everyone else in a romantic mood, which is kind of adorable. Hal still adores Epitwee.

And Xiang and Quentin are also struck by the love bug.

Xiang: Remember when we got married? Wasn't that romantic?

That was three hours ago, of course he remembers!

The dancing ends up being in the dark, but Renee and Thump don't seem to mind.

They manage to escape to Epitwee and Hal's bedroom before I can stop them, and mere moments after this screenshot, there was a baby chime. Guess they didn't want to waste any time on making grandkids! A bit gross to do it in your parents' bed though...

Hal: Son, you know I love you and your new wife, but you guys really need to get your own place.

Thump: Already on it, Dad!

And so, Thump and Renee move out asap. Quentin and Xiang left as soon as they were married.

And now, Adventures in Spare-Land! I moved all the spares into an apartment complex of their very own.

The old guy who is the landlord is rocking that hair.

Quentin and Xiang waste no time after moving in. But you'll note, they are classier than Thump and Renee, since they waited till they had their own bed!

Xiang was pregnant instantly.

She was a very pretty mom-to-be.

Their baby girl was born in the kitchen, which was only the second smallest room in the apartment.

Through the magic of cheating time travel, their daughter Alice is already a toddler!

And here's Alice as a child. Now the heir children will have cousins to come home from school with!

Renee was pregnant the minute they moved in to their apartment.

Because she hates me, she chose to have her child in the smallest bathroom in the apartment.

Also a girl, they named her Mona.

Mona was an adorable toddler. She must have a recessive skintone gene from Hal, since Renee and Thump are both so pale.

And, Mona as a child. She's cute!

Back at the main Gorey house, Ortenzia seems nonplussed by her makeover. Either that, or she can't believe she didn't make heir.

Louise also gets a very romantic, gothic makeover.

And she's super-pretty! And pleased to be the secondary heir! She didn't want to move out of the main house anyway... (Plus, she had no solid romantic prospect yet, being a pretty fail-tastic Romance Sim.)

Maud gets a makeover too, but doesn't care about it one way or the other.

Celia's girlfriend Matilda also moves in, and gets her makeover. She's gorgeous!

She also doesn't take any crap from anyone, as she's busy giving Monty Capp the business here.

Maud is the next to get hitched, so she invites Ashton to stay with them. And promptly mauls him the instant she sees him.

Ashton is pretty thrilled to be an adult.

As soon as their wedding started, it began to rain.

It didn't deter them from their nuptials!

Azarias Wang showed up for their wedding! In oddly appropriate formal wear, even!

Ashton is not down for having cake shoved into his maw.

Well, surprise, surprise, Louise is acting like a Romance Sim with Fayiz, her college boyfriend.

These two are adorable.

Oh my, and then Louise danced suggestively with Azarias Wang! Finally, she's realizing her potential!

Maud and Ashton move out to the spare apartments, and everyone gathers to say goodbye.

Including this jubilant fellow who doesn't believe in shirts, just body paint!

Ortenzia invites Leslie to stay. And thus, to grow up into an adult.

Oh man, his outfit is so cheeseball, I totally let him keep it.

He makes himself at home immediately.

Epitwee: Wait, who the hell are YOU?!

Leslie: I'm banging your daughter!

Well, that leads to an awkward family meal...

Ortenzia: Since it'll make my mom happy, and get me out of this house where I'm not heir, wanna get hitched?

He said yes.

Celia and Matilda have three bolts. THREE BOLTS.

Matilda tries to find a job in the criminal career. This will cause issues, since Celia wants to become the Law.

Celia is also pretty much a Matilda-seeking missile 90% of the time.

Finally, it's time for Ortenzia to get married and get out.

Leslie is the picture of class at their wedding, checking out her boobs.

Ortenzia: Seriously?! Could you at least wait till we've said our vows?!

Annnnd they're married. Much to Leslie's chagrin!

Leslie: Oh well, at least she's got a fine ass!

Ortenzia: I can totally hear you!

Leslie continued to be the picture of class for the rest of the wedding.

Finally, it was time for them to leave, so everyone said their goodbyes.

And they were off to live in the Spare Apartments!

Since Celia and Louise were the heirs staying in the Gorey house, their bedrooms got remodeled.

Two views of Celia and Matilda's room makeover.

And, two views of Louise's romantic bedroom.

Matilda and Celia waste no time in making use of their new bed!

Meanwhile, Louise is making time with Azarias Wang! Well, she's only been obsessed with him since she was a little girl.

Hey hey, and she finally gets somewhere! Go Louise!

Matilda's pajamas do in fact say "You can't afford me". They are what the game chose for her on its own. Well played, game, well played.

Three bolts means these two are basically like rabbits.

They're really a cute couple though!

Louise is still working on Azarias Wang. Yes, I do have to use his full name every time he's mentioned. AZARIAS WANG.

Unfortunately, Louise has to go to work so she can't seal the deal with Azarias Wang! She's in the music career since she wants to become a Rock God.

A nice family breakfast before the next whirlwind wedding takes place! Celia may be pregnant already, I can't recall now. If so, that would explain why Matilda is talking about beach balls.

Celia, she already lives with you and is about to become your wife, do you really need to tell her to call you?!

Commence Celia & Matilda wedding spam!

Celia looks a little out of it there at the end, I think maybe she *is* pregnant...

Cake right in the eye, that's charming.

And the wedding is a huge success! Now, Epitwee just has to get Louise married off and her LTW will be achieved!

Speaking of Epitwee....

Hal is delighted his wife will finally get old with him.

Epitwee makes a wish that her last recalcitrant daughter will get married!

One last look at a young and fit Epitwee. She was a real trooper as a founder!

Annnnnd she's old. Despite still having black hair. XD

It's all too much for her, and she has a total meltdown.

Fortunately, there's a shrink on call.

Okay, if I aged up into that outfit, I'd have a breakdown too. Flip-flops are so not goth!

And here's Epitwee after her elder makeover. I think she looks pretty decent for an old lady!

And that's all for this massive update! Hopefully I can be a little quicker on the next one.

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