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I return! No, really!

When we last left Jenny Eighties, she and her attractive-yet-stupid husband Luiz were the proud parents of three not-completely-moronic children, Jack, Diane and Bela. (Though we have our doubts about Jack, who lives to work on my last nerve apparently...) Jenny works in the culinary profession and wants to become a celebrity chef. Unfortunately, she keeps getting knocked up, which slows down her career. The theme for this legacy challenge, in case you forgot, is the music of the 80's. Let's get to the pics! (which should be an adventure, since I don't remember what the heck was going on when I last played... it's been months...)

Since the nanny was such a horrible nanny, I attempted to have Jenny fire her and replace her.

Goodbye AwfulNanny! I hope you stay away!

Jenny forces Jack to do his homework. Luiz lounges, without a care.

I don't even know what's going on here, except that Diane looks like she is up to no good...
(Note to self: keep better notes!)

At least Jenny is always able to get a good meal on the table, and her brood is at least clever enough to realize food is there to be eaten!

Jack actually does something useful, and mops up the lake in the bathroom!

Luiz really is quite handsome. Not a clue in that pretty empty head, though.

Being an adult is so hard. You work all day, come home, fix dinner, then just want to relax and get some logic points, and the teenage losers who followed your kids home won't give you a moment's peace!

Diane has forgotten she has a bed. Also, she is annoyed that people keep wandering through the living room where she is TRYING to SLEEP, GAH!

Jack is continuing this usefulness streak, which is alarming and off-putting. Did you and Diane have some kind of Freaky Friday moment and switch bodies?!

Just a nice shot of Bela. Not particularly goth, in his hot pink onesie.

Jenny is so desperate for relaxation, she reads the whole paper in one sitting.

Does every teenager in this town dress like a soccer mom?! What gives?!

Hey kids, you could possibly make friends with the girl over there who came home from school with you, or you could ignore her and have a pillow fight with each other... Again.

Luiz has discovered a shocking sight. Who could have done such a thing?!

Diane is the culprit!

Her life is RUINED. RUINED FOREVER! They'll all make fun of her at school now!

Does Luiz clean up? Oh no, why would he do that?! Instead, he naps and dreams of his totally smokin' hot wife!

The next morning, it's eggs on toast and cheerful discussion!

Annnnnd any mention of eggs means Jenny and Luiz are ready to hit the sack again.

Was there a baby chime? Is Jenny's career doomed? I honestly have no idea anymore! IT'S A SURPRISE!

Hello, reasonably attractive townie!

Diane is not down with being tickled by her own brother. UGH. Whatever!

Jenny attempts to teach Bela to talk, since her earlier batch of kids were sort of left to their own devices as toddlers.

Jenny is successful! But also EXHAUSTED!

Apparently, Jenny also toilet trained Bela (I have no memory of this!), because I don't think Sims can autonomously toilet train their toddlers....

Luiz dotes on Bela. It's very cute! Well, unless you happen to be Jack or Diane...

Fling the baby into the ceiling! YES! Good parenting!

Luiz and Bela become best friends. At least he likes one of his children enough to pay attention to it?

I remodeled the house somewhat. New kitchen is more open. Diane is confused, because the remodel happened while she was asleep.

Diane promptly goes outside to try to freeze herself to death.

AwfulNanny returned! She would not stay fired. ALAS.

At least Bela seems to like her...

For some reason, Jack now seems to think he is hot shit. Um. Hmm. About that, kid....

Playing rock-paper-scissor while hiding in the curtains: perfectly acceptable teenage behavior.

I totally lost track of time, and Bela became a child with only AwfulNanny looking on.

Jenny still cooks nutritious meals for her growing family.

Miraculously, the entire family sat down to eat together! Sure, Luiz is in his underwear, but that's not so bad, is it?!

Jenny and Bela dance together. It's nice to see her do something other than work or cook... Also, she's apparently NOT pregnant again, or it would have shown up by now.

I had to open my big mouth....

Diane is still determined to freeze to death. Also, she looks extremely devious here.

Jack is trying to break the fridge. Also trying to break my sanity. DAMN YOU, JACK.

Jenny is excited to see snow. Except one of her dimbulb kids is most likely still outside in it, so she should really be more concerned.

Not only is one of her kids outside, Luiz is obsessively using the telescope...

Jack and Bela dancing in the new room I obviously added on to the side of the house. It has fancy modern glass walls. (I don't remember adding that room.... but there it is!)

Oh my! Bela is clever enough to go get his own leftovers out of the fridge and feed himself when he's hungry! If this keeps up, Diane will have some competition!

Jack is smart enough to copy what Bela did, at least. Well, if he can't be a leader, he can at least make someone a good follower.

Endless games of red hands while Jenny tries to paint to get skill points. HER CAREER IS ON THE LINE, KIDS.

She makes sure to force Bela to do his homework. Can't have all the kids being C and D students...

Autonomous sushi making is autonomous!

No, you're not losing it Jenny, there's an extra teenager at your table. No idea why Soccer Mom Girl #2 is in the house again, helping herself to Luiz's plate...

Oh, she has a crush on Jack. That must be why she keeps following him home from school, and why she's willing to gaze at him adoringly while he jumps on the couch in his boxers!

Well, that's all for now! I've come to the end of my screenshots, and so will actually have to play some more. I hope I get some free time to do so soon! Thanks again for reading!

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