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Just a tiny update (after a ridiculously long silence, yeah, I know, 2013 has not been my year, seriously) to get back into the swing of things- some Spare Spam on the other Gorey children, post marriage.

Backstory: Epitwee Gorey married a nice guy named Hal and had six children, Quentin, Celia, Thump, Ortenzia, Louise and Maud. Her LTW was to have all six children get married, which happened. Celia and Louise are doing a double heir thing and get to live in the main house. The other kids have been shipped off to apartments with their respective spouses, to produce cousins for the heirs' children. And, basically to be ignored forever unless there are family functions.

It's Ortenzia and her erstwhile husband Leslie! They apparently are all about being comfortable when at home.

Oh, well... that explains the hanging out in underwear on the couch. Baby making!

Success! Tenzi is knocked up. It helps that I have the ACR pregnancy chances turned up pretty high.

Through the power of cheating time travel, she hits third trimester in no time flat.

And once again, time for labor! Amazingly, in the kitchen, which is pretty spacious, as opposed to a miniscule bathroom that would force me to take walls-down pix.

It's a girl! Leslie is so excited he levitates. They name her Fanny. (Once again, all names for this family come from the works of Edward Gorey.) Fanny totally has her dad's skintone.

Voila, Fanny is a toddler. Oh, time travel, how helpful you are....

Fanny has green eyes... not 100% sure if they come from her dad or if they are a recessive from her grandmother. Either way, it's cool.

Child age Fanny, ready to visit cousins after school! She's quite cute.

Meanwhile, Maud and Ashton are discussing the pros and cons of baby-making in their apartment. (Yes all the spares live in the same apartment building. I like to keep things organized. Even when those things are virtual people.)

Clearly, they came down on the "pro" side of baby-making... (As if they really had a choice... I wanted to see everyone's genetics.)

Unlike Ortenzia, Maud seems quite delighted to pop into pregnancy.

She is pretty into the whole thing, third trimester and all. Well, Maud was always a fairly cheerful gal...

Maud vexes me by going into labor at the top of the stairs. Of course, the best place she could find. Sims are like cats, they choose the most inconvenient places to give birth...

It's a girl also! She's named Lizzia (after one of the spares in the previous, long-lost Gorey Legacy. RIP Friedrich.)

There's also another girl, Elsie! She takes after her grandpa Hal in skintone. (Oh Sims genetics, why are you so weird?)

A little time travel and boom! Lizzia is an adorable toddler!

Elsie is also super cute as a toddler. Love her serious vibe.

Lizzia as a child. She looks like she will grow up gorgeous.

And Elsie as a child. She's also super cute!

That's all for this mini entry. I'm hoping I can do more and use up all the pix I have for my three legacies soon, but life and work have interfered. I haven't even gotten to load my game in months. (Though, I have continued to download CC, what is wrong with me?!) Thanks for reading!

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