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2014-01-05 05:13 pm
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To Simblr or Not To Simblr, That is the Question....

I realize this may be a moot question, since I update so infrequently, but I recently made a Tumblr (Confessions of a Failed Villainess, where I post geeky stuff, fashion stuff, music odds and ends and various things I am into...) and naturally, due to my interest in Sims and various simmers, I started following a lot of folks over there. It seems much more active than Livejournal, but I still find some of the ins and outs odd. (Also, I miss the LJ style posts of picture-caption-picture-caption type stuff. It seems so much more image based and less story based.) I have a learning curve, I'm sure due to the fact that I am old. (You kids get offa my lawn!)

I've been wondering now if I should start a Simblr separate from my current Tumblr blog to post my Sims stuff to just for tidiness' sake. I'd likely only post a few images and link back to full posts here (should I ever make a post again, har har...). I guess I am wondering if people prefer Simblrs to be 100% Sims-only content- it seems almost every week people are complaining on SimSecret about people posting non-Sims stuff on their Simblrs. Also, seems like there is a lot of drama over there, which is strange. I don't know, maybe I just missed all the drama on LJ because I'm not active enough.

In other things, I will be upgrading my computer finally from Window XP to Windows 7, and getting a larger hard drive/more memory, so I am looking forward to that. It's been far too long coming.

Anyway! If anyone has opinions about Tumblr vs. Livejournal, Simblr vs. general Tumblr, feel free to comment away. Just thinking about it makes me feel rather old and out of date!
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2013-09-29 09:50 am

The Gorey Legacy Mk. II Part 16.5- Spare Spam

Just a tiny update (after a ridiculously long silence, yeah, I know, 2013 has not been my year, seriously) to get back into the swing of things- some Spare Spam on the other Gorey children, post marriage.

Backstory: Epitwee Gorey married a nice guy named Hal and had six children, Quentin, Celia, Thump, Ortenzia, Louise and Maud. Her LTW was to have all six children get married, which happened. Celia and Louise are doing a double heir thing and get to live in the main house. The other kids have been shipped off to apartments with their respective spouses, to produce cousins for the heirs' children. And, basically to be ignored forever unless there are family functions.

It's Ortenzia and her erstwhile husband Leslie! They apparently are all about being comfortable when at home.

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That's all for this mini entry. I'm hoping I can do more and use up all the pix I have for my three legacies soon, but life and work have interfered. I haven't even gotten to load my game in months. (Though, I have continued to download CC, what is wrong with me?!) Thanks for reading!

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2013-01-07 05:23 pm

Livin' in the 80's Part 7: An ISBI Challenge

I return! No, really!

When we last left Jenny Eighties, she and her attractive-yet-stupid husband Luiz were the proud parents of three not-completely-moronic children, Jack, Diane and Bela. (Though we have our doubts about Jack, who lives to work on my last nerve apparently...) Jenny works in the culinary profession and wants to become a celebrity chef. Unfortunately, she keeps getting knocked up, which slows down her career. The theme for this legacy challenge, in case you forgot, is the music of the 80's. Let's get to the pics! (which should be an adventure, since I don't remember what the heck was going on when I last played... it's been months...)

Since the nanny was such a horrible nanny, I attempted to have Jenny fire her and replace her.

Goodbye AwfulNanny! I hope you stay away!

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Well, that's all for now! I've come to the end of my screenshots, and so will actually have to play some more. I hope I get some free time to do so soon! Thanks again for reading!

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2012-10-02 08:53 am

To Absent Friends....

Just wanted to wave a little flag and let people know I am still alive! Since my last post, I've been super busy, between my two jobs, various illnesses that keep cropping up for either me or the Husbando (the best was when I got poisoned by an antibiotic prescribed by my doctor that we didn't know I was allergic to! WHOOOOO! Science!), and I've been dealing with a crazy tax mess since July. On top of all of this, we rescued a puppy that someone abandoned on our street. (I'm a cat person and we have two cats already, but we couldn't just leave the poor girl out in the street. None of the neighbors could take her, either.) So, I have learned that having a puppy is much like having a two-year-old, in that you can't take your eyes off them for a second. Since my office where my Simming computer (desktop!) lives is a No-Dog-Zone, I haven't been able to do any playing of the Sims lately. (Or, for that matter, Mists of Pandaria, which I am JONESING TO PLAY SO HARD! Ermahgerd pet battles!) I've still been reading people's journals in my teeny bits of free time, and still downloading CC (though, I don't know WHY since I haven't had time to install it!), but there hasn't been time to load up the game or do any updates on any of my legacies. I really miss Simming!

On the plus side, since I am kind of forced to spend my few hours off between work-job-time and sleep-time in the living room with the dog, I have gotten caught up on some TV that I neglected. Downton Abbey is the bomb!!! And, I am working my way through more Buffy, Angel and True Blood. My queue on Hulu is chock a block with great Korean dramas now too. And, while it is totally over the top and crackified, I can't stop watching Make It or Break It. What can I say, I like really crazy dramas. Boardwalk Empire is pretty much totally great as well- flawless historical costuming on that show!

Anyway, I just wanted to post so people would know I'm still alive out there and still reading. I'm eagerly awaiting the day when our puppy calms the heck down and outgrows her hyper puppy stage so we can go back to reasonably normal lives. She's finally getting crate training down a little bit, at least.
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2012-06-27 07:44 pm

The Polychromes: A Rainbow Legacy Part 3

I return! I have been working a lot, went to a convention, got sick after said convention (ew, con crud) and finally am feeling human again. So, I felt I should update at least one of my legacies. Turns out my Polychrome Rainbow challenge hasn't been touched in SIX MONTHS, so I felt that one should get an update, no matter how weeny it is. So here we go!

Basics: founder, Alizarin Polychrome (obsessed with the color red) married Austin Nakano and has produced one possible heir for Generation Orange, baby Clementine. Their tiny family lives with Maple, a most demanding cat. Also, this legacy is purely for fun, so I cheat like a mad cheating thing on this one. On to the pics!

Maple demands attention, since Alizarin has been ignoring her in favor of her infant. GAH, GEEZ.

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Not a huge entry, but an entry all the same! I'm hoping that since I'm over the lingering sickness now, I can try to update a little more frequently. We shall see! All my co-workers are taking vacations soon, so perhaps I will be stymied in my plans. Either way, thanks for reading!

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2012-04-18 10:07 pm
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Livin' in the 80s Part 6: An ISBI Legacy Challenge

Discovered I had enough screenies for an Eighties update! Whoo hoo! This is good, since I have had no time to play Sims in forever. Tragically, work and life have been In The Way.

Now, everyone remembers the deal here: it's an I'm Surrounded By Idiots (ISBI) Challenge, featuring our founder, Jenny Eighties. She married Luiz, a gorgeous imbecile, and they proceeded to have twins, the charming and dim-witted Jack and Diane. And oh yes, the naming theme for this legacy is the wonderful and often cheesy music of the 1980's. And other 80's stuff, because I am an Old. Anyway, let's get started!

We start with Jenny outside in her PJs, picking up the trash can, YET AGAIN. Why? Because she's the only one who can. Who cares if she's pregnant! I have no idea who keeps knocking it over, unless it's Diane. (It's probably Diane.)

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Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed it, and here's hoping I can actually get some time to play again soon. If only I didn't require sleep!

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2012-03-12 10:53 am
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The Gorey Legacy Mk. II Part 16- Hang the DJ

Long delay between entries, I know, but that's the usual for me. This is a pretty sizeable one though, so maybe that makes up for it! Anyway, in our last delightful episode, everyone finally finished college, and there was much rejoicing!

First off, let's meet our main heir: Celia Gorey! She's rocking her new gothier makeover.

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And that's all for this massive update! Hopefully I can be a little quicker on the next one.

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2012-02-05 03:50 pm
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The Gorey Legacy Mk. II Part 15: Don't Walk Away

It's been a while, but I've had work and real life interfering with my Simming time. Already totally blew my "I'm going to be more active in the Sims community and post more!" resolution I made and it's only February. Ah well! But here we go, a honking huge Gorey update, since I want to GET COLLEGE OVER WITH, GOOD LORD.

We start with a bright new day, and Ortenzia looking a bit melancholy since she is STILL IN COLLEGE. (I kid, I kid, she's probably melancholy because she slept alone.)

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That's all for this chapter. Thank god, college is finally finished. Next time, there will be wedding spam to end all wedding spam, since Epitwee's lifetime want is to see all six of her children married off. Thanks for reading!

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2012-02-05 01:03 pm


In case you have not heard, MATY and PMBD (The Booty) are in a bit of trouble and need some funding. There is more information about the situation here, and you can donate here.

If you can't afford to donate, please consider spreading the word! :) These sites have definitely helped out simmers and their games, and hopefully it can stay that way.

Thanks to CuriousB and [ profile] lovelyxwow for the post I based this on!

The Booty is one of my favorite places to browse CC (though I don't download much from it anymore), and the hacks at MATY literally keep my game from self-destructing or from me rage-smashing the keyboard when my Sims do something too stupid, so I donated what I could!
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2011-12-25 07:39 pm

Come on and Let it Snow!

Bill Nighy is my favorite. And I watch Love Actually every year, on Xmas Day.

Hope all my friends out there in Simming-land have a wonderful holiday season, regardless of whatever holiday you celebrate!
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2011-12-10 07:33 pm

Holiday Love Meme!

It's that time of year again to head over to [ profile] allthingsimlish and share some warm fuzzies with the rest of the Simming community!

It's one of the nicest traditions in the community, I'd say even nicer than all the lovely Advent events!

EDIT TO ADD: Forgot my other favorite part of the meme: finding new Simmer journals to read and new CC creators to admire! It's a giant ball of win-win!
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2011-11-21 06:47 pm
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The Gorey Legacy Mk. II Part 14: The Table is Rumbling

SO LONG since my last updates. I apologize. Too much work, not enough free time. But who cares about that, let's get to the Sims pix, right right?

Last time, the Goreys were still in college. AND THEY STILL ARE. I swear, college will never end. Why I ever let Epitwee have six children, I will never know.

Since Celia is super super artsy, she gives Louise some unasked for and unheeded critique.

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And that's all for now. Next time, the END OF COLLEGE. (And there was much rejoicing!) Thanks for reading!

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2011-10-09 04:25 pm
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Livin' in the 80's Part 5- An ISBI Legacy Challenge

Finally some free time to do an update again! I warn everyone, this chapter will have my terrible tiny screenshots from when I was finally able to play again after reinstalling my game- I had forgotten to reset my screenshot size, so they look just awful. Apologies in advance.

We start with Jack, playing in the tub, little suspecting that in mere minutes of game time, he will be captured for all time in a cheap, poor resolution fashion to be displayed on the internet!

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That's all for this update! Next time: bigger screenshots, the birth of the newest addition to the Eighties clan, and more wacky ISBI hijinks! Thanks for reading!

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2011-08-22 10:01 pm

Funny Farm: An Asylum Challenge Part 4

Teeny weeny update for this, as I haven't gotten a chance to play more of it yet in the what, two weeks since my Sims game has been working again...? Either way, I had some pictures saved up so those will be what we use!

We start with Meg and Tracy becoming best friends. Tracy seems happy, Meg seems.... blase.

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And that's all for this update. More to come when I get some more time to play!

Cases of pants-peeing: 1
Cases of passing out: 0
Cases of aspirational failure: 0
Cases of illness: 0
Deaths: 0

(Pretty good stats this time! They all managed to keep themselves reasonably alive and kicking!)
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2011-08-15 10:43 am
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The Gorey Legacy Mk. II Part 13: Deteriorate In Your Own Time

It has been a while for my Goreys, my actual no-cheating-do-things-by-the-book Legacy, hasn't it? A refresher, if you've forgotten who everyone is by now: Epitwee Gorey is our founder, a Family/Knowledge Sim with the lifetime want to marry off six children. She married Hal Cooke, a handsome Knowledge Sim she met in college. Hal wants to become a Media Magnate, which may or may not happen, as he's already an elder. They had six children: Quentin (Knowledge), twins Celia (Fortune) and Thump (Knowledge), twins Louise (Romance) and Ortenzia (Pleasure) and the baby, Maud (Family). Quentin and Thump are very dull. The girls have much more personality, making the heir race a close one to call. And, the naming theme for everyone are names and words taken from the works of Edward Gorey, which means if these Sims aren't goth, they'll likely be pretty eccentric.

Everyone is in college at the moment, and let me tell you, University takes for-freaking-ever with six kids.

Celia passes on some important advice to Maud over some mac & cheese. You know, as you do.

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And that's all for this update. There's MUCH MOAR COLLEGE to come, tragically. It takes so long! But hey, they're halfway there, at least!

Thanks for reading and comments are love. ^_^

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2011-08-07 10:13 am
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Livin' in the 80's Part 4- An ISBI Legacy Challenge

My D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE error issue with my Sims 2 game is fixed! I did three things: turned off my Avira antivirus before I play (since I am not online when I play and I have another firewall/antivirus on all the time anyway), did the DEP trick described on GoS (but make sure to set it back to normal settings when you're not playing if you try it- otherwise your printer won't print, like mine before I put the DEP settings back to normal) and turned off edge scrolling in game. Wella! Everything was able to work for hours and hours. So, here's an update, finally, after a stupid long time.

In case you forgot the founder of this ISBI, it's Jenny Eighties. She's married to Luiz Eighties (formerly Campbell), who is gorgeous, but stupid. This is pretty much what they like to do all the time, since for some inexplicable reason they've gone from two bolts to three.

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That's all for now. The next update will tragically contain the horrible screenshots I took immediately after my reinstall of the game, before I remembered to reset my screenshot parameters. Thanks for reading! I'm so glad I can play and update again!

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2011-07-29 10:31 pm

Well, That Didn't Work

New video card has been installed! Videos look great and run perfectly! Warcraft runs super smooth and looks fantastic! I loaded the Sims 2 and it looked great too!

For about an hour, until it crashed. With the same accursed D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE error.

I am seriously ready to tear my hair out at this point. Here is what I have done:

--rebuilt my computer from the ground up- new motherboard, RAM, hard drive, power supply (quite a beefy one as well), new case with more fans in it and as of today, brand new video card
--updated all my video card drivers
--updated my DirectX, and run all dxdiag tests possible (all 3D works perfect on that, all test results returned the "no problems detected" message)
--tried adjusting graphics settings in-game (both to the recommended lower settings and recommended higher settings, since others online have had one or the other work for them)
--tried playing in windowed mode
--completely uninstalled and reinstalled my game (it throws the error when I have no custom content installed and when I have all my CC installed, so it's clearly not that)
--read literally 16 pages of Google results for the error message- not ONE of them had a solution either, tech forums are baffled entirely

Nothing has helped. The game continues to throw this error. I have been fighting it for six months now. SIX MONTHS. Rebuilding the PC did nothing. Updating drivers did nothing. Reinstalling the game did nothing. Reinstalling DirectX did nothing. Removing custom content did nothing. All the in-game tricks people suggested in various threads did nothing. I have no idea at this point what the hell is wrong with my game. I'm starting to think it's just cursed and this is a not-so-subtle hint that I should quit. That is pretty upsetting, since I love to play, to create Sims and build & decorate houses for them. But I honestly have no other options.

I'm pretty peevish about this whole mess.
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2011-07-29 08:51 am

Pointless Placeholder Update!

Livejournal's quirky "you have to delete all your LJ cookies if you use Firefox, tee hee!" glitches the last few days have rendered me positively stabulous.

Short now, since I literally have written this damnable update five times now:

--Video card is dying, hence all the errors I've been getting. (It's from 2005-2006, so not surprised.) What was once confined to the Sims has started happening in other graphics-heavy processes, like watching videos or playing Warcraft.

--Bought new video card, should be here this week.

--Am hoping this means I can *play* Sims again, and thus continue updating. (That is, if Livejournal FIXES THEIR GLITCHINESS.)

--Have to paint a room in the house this weekend; very much not looking forward to it. Want Sims-style room-color-changing system in real life, please and thank you.
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2011-06-30 11:39 pm


Well, I did a full reinstall of my game, backed up all my neighborhoods and CC and whatnot, and started over with a fresh install. I actually did this at the end of May, but wasn't able to get a chance to actually *play* my game until today (I ended up having to stay home sick from work due to a stomach bug, and could finally sleep no longer...)

I played the Eighties for a while, and was able to keep the game running for a good three hours before, yep, you guessed it, the game crashed with the charming D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE error message. Now, I talked to a tech friend of mine who helps maintain my PC for me, and he was completely baffled by that error message. Because, if DirectX wasn't installed, I wouldn't be able to do *anything* that requires graphics on my PC. No video, no WoW, not even web browsing. It must just be a piece of weirdness peculiar to the Sims 2, where it gets confused and can't find what it needs. (My memory is all new, my motherboard is brand new, my video card is brand new, all drivers are up to date. And yet, the game did this on my old hardware as well. Irksome thing.)

At any rate, I got some screenshots of the Eighties before the crash, but joy of joys, I forgot to set the in-game camera to the highest resolution (forgot entirely in my excitement to be able to play, finally, after months of NO!SIMS!), so the newest batch of screenshots are all tiny and look absolutely godawful. (I accidentally typed "screenshits" there first, which is appropriate.) I cannot win for losing, it seems.

At any rate, I'll try to do some updates with my half okay/half terribad screenies when I get some free time. Which may be a while yet, what with work and life getting in the way so much. Feh.
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2011-05-29 09:47 am

Oh Sims, Why Don't You Love Me Anymore?

So. My game seems to believe that I don't have DirectX installed, or at least it can't find it. I've played a bit, and within an hour and a half of playing, it crashes with that D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE error message. Now, DirectX exists on my PC and is updated and everything, so it's got to be some kind of game corruption.

Last weekend, I backed up all my neighborhoods, sims, CC, etc. and did a fresh reinstall of the game. Maybe that will fix it. Maybe it won't. I will say, it doesn't do a whole lot for my desire to play, when I am constantly afraid of the game crashing. Especially when I can load Warcraft: Cataclysm in seconds and be playing a game and relaxing from work. (I need to winnow out my CC again, there's so much my game takes 35+ minutes to load.)

The fact that Warcraft: Cataclysm plays fine for hours and hours and hours also speaks well of the fact that DirectX is working normally for everything but the Sims. Wouldn't be able to do all the other graphically intense things I do daily if it wasn't!

At least I have some little bits of the Eighties and my Funny Farm challenge played. I hope to post them soon.