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So, my limping along computer finally got Very Angry and made Horrible Noises of Doom, meaning I missed THREE DAYS of posting on this here meme. So, now, three days of posting get combined into one post! Hurray! (And here's hoping my computer can be repaired soon- the new parts are here, I just am waiting on my friend to have time to come help rebuild it.)

Okay, DAY 03- A song that makes you happy:

Katamari on the Rock, from the original Katamari Damacy soundtrack. I will listen to the Katamari soundtrack when grinding in WoW or when cleaning house- it is so upbeat and cheerful, it keeps me moving. ^_^

DAY 04- A song that makes you sad:

I Can't Be With You by the Cranberries. Of course, now that I am well and solidly happily married, it doesn't sting as much as it did in my twenties. But I still listen to it when I'm having a bad or sad day. (My husband is always worried when he hears me listening to the Cranberries, because it pretty much means I'm upset about something!) Such good lyrics.

DAY 05- A song that reminds you of someone:

Christine by Siouxsie & the Banshees. This will always remind me of my closest friend of my late teens early twenties (yes, named Christine). We drifted apart over the years, but found each other again recently through LJ of all things. The "disintegrating" line has proven unfortunately prophetic, but we all felt like we were disintegrating back when we were young in the late 1980's-early 1990's.

Hm, that ended up being two songs that make me sad. Clearly, I need to listen to more Katamari!

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This choice was really difficult, as there really are a lot of songs I can't stand- usually it comes down to having really stupid lyrics, or else being of the genre that I call "70's Country Butt Rock", which just sets my teeth on edge. I also hate poorly done sampling. So currently, my least favorite song ever is something that combines THREE THINGS IN ONE!

Kid Rock's "All Summer Long":

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Now I've caught the 30-Day-Music-Meme bug, so I am starting this meme up. Let's see if I can remember to post a song a day for 30 days! It will be amazing if I can manage this feat.

This was easy, because my favorite song has been my favorite song since I was 13-14 years old, though the first version I heard was a cover by Duran Duran.

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