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My D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE error issue with my Sims 2 game is fixed! I did three things: turned off my Avira antivirus before I play (since I am not online when I play and I have another firewall/antivirus on all the time anyway), did the DEP trick described on GoS (but make sure to set it back to normal settings when you're not playing if you try it- otherwise your printer won't print, like mine before I put the DEP settings back to normal) and turned off edge scrolling in game. Wella! Everything was able to work for hours and hours. So, here's an update, finally, after a stupid long time.

In case you forgot the founder of this ISBI, it's Jenny Eighties. She's married to Luiz Eighties (formerly Campbell), who is gorgeous, but stupid. This is pretty much what they like to do all the time, since for some inexplicable reason they've gone from two bolts to three.

This is their daughter, Diane. She's a set of twins with her brother Jack. They're named after the 80's tune "Jack & Diane" by John Cougar Mellencamp, which was truly inescapable in the 80's. Apparently, she's become best friends with someone...

Ah. With her dad. Who was just boinking her mom. That's a weird way to strengthen the father-daughter bond, but this is an ISBI, so maybe anything goes...?

I'm amazed the family managed to get organized enough to eat breakfast together! Half the time, they run out the door with their stomachs growling.

AwfulNanny has come to look after the children. And apparently, eat the leftovers out of the fridge! She looks positively smug about finding unclaimed food!

And she eats like a pig! Well, maybe living on a fixed income means she can barely afford to eat at home. It is a serious problem for the elderly.

Diane cleans the bathtub! Autonomously! Have I mentioned how partial I am to Diane, mostly because she seems fractionally smarter than her brother...?

Jack plays in the tub though, which is always amusing. And at least he's keeping himself entertained.

Diane entertains herself by watching television. A show about kicking over gnomes? Really? Maybe she's not as smart as I thought.

Okay, AwfulNanny is just being rude now. She never got out food for the children, just continually got meals for herself! Lady, that isn't your food!

I feel Jenny should Say Something to AwfulNanny about all the food-stealing and child neglect, but she's occupied. Again.

They do make a cute couple, though.

Luiz shows he's more than just a hunk of man-meat by going to tuck in his kid. All by himself!

Of course, he's still dumb as a post and insists in sleeping on the couch. Um, Jenny does like you, I'm pretty sure you can sleep in the bed with her.

The next day, Jack tries hard to impress me by cleaning and straightening up the house. The heir race is still undecided, kiddo.

Diane has discovered the easel. Let's hope she doesn't stay there until she wets herself or passes out.

Jack goes back to pushing my buttons. Quit jumping on that bed! The social worker will come!

Good job, Diane! You managed to feed yourself. In an ISBI, that's an accomplishment!

Oh, dear. Jenny left breakfast for everyone before she went to work. AwfulNanny got out some leftovers anyway. So of course, Luiz is going to cook something! Wasteful, wasteful Sims.

Again with the eating, huh, lady? Just help yourself. It's not like you have to pay for it! (But at least Jack is getting a meal in him...?)

Lightning struck the bamboo. Nobody noticed. Fortunately, the rain put it out.

AwfulNanny continues to ignore the children.

This is the evidence of AwfulNanny's continual eating. Just look at that kitchen. It's disgraceful!

And she's STILL at it! She just keeps getting out food and consuming mass quantities! I think she's got some kind of binge-eating problem!

Jenny and Diane can't even put down their plates to eat dinner together. Diane is hoping she can win an MTV Music Video Award when she grows up, obviously.

Just a nice shot of Luiz. He's very pretty.

Jenny reading that ever-so-popular story about the toilet to Diane. Kids love toilet stories!

The kids pretty much run riot until they fall down somewhere to sleep. Jenny is so tired after work, she can't be bothered to force them to do their homework.

But, at least they *both* go to school the next morning!

Jenny and Luiz don't waste any time!

There's no baby chime, so I guess they're lucky! (I use the Risky Woohoo feature of ACR, so it's always an adventure when they jump in the sack.)

Until she propositioned this random gardener, I had forgotten Jenny is a Romance Sim. Right in front of her kid, too, classy!

Jack: I didn't see anything, nothing to see....

Poor kid, in denial so early in life.

Diane just storms past. And look, Jenny has *another* gentleman caller.

At least Luiz is at work...?

Wow, Jenny is a bit of a swinger. Well, her phone number is written on a bathroom wall, I guess it was only a matter of time til she reverted to type.

This is awkward. But none of them seem to mind....? And where's Luiz in all of this?

Poor guy came home from work and went straight to bed. He does look miserable though. I guess he just walked right past the scene in the living room...?

These two (Destry and Houston) decide they find each other more interesting than Jenny and retire to the lawn to have a water balloon fight.

Since Jenny isn't getting enough attention, she flags down this passerby, Parvais Chekura. You could cut glass with his cheekbones, yikes.

Jenny works her magic. Parvais is smitten!

But she still takes the time to kiss her other beaus goodbye when they leave.

Parvais isn't too bright. He eats spoiled pancakes. I'm guessing Jenny really likes stupid men.

Oh yes, gossiping about your school-age daughter is charming behavior. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since you're basically trying to cheat on your husband while he sleeps in the next room.

Parvais takes off, and Jenny decides to be a good mom again, and forces Jack to do some homework.

Then she talks about New Coke for a while with Diane while they have a very late dinner.

The kids have a very subdued night. I guess they don't want to admit their mom was acting a little trampy earlier.

The next morning, Jenny is filled with self-recrimination. Also, caprese salad.

Straight for the computer... is Luiz going to totally ignore her this morning?

What's this? Luiz is reaching for her hand...

Luiz still adores Jenny. He's either really open-minded or really dim.

I'm going to go with open-minded. He did marry a Romance Sim after all, and true love does include acceptance.

Jenny gets a letter from one of her beaus. Well, it makes her happy, anyway.

Diane is home from school and she is doing fantastic!

She practically levitates into the house!

Jenny is once again making sure her family is fed. She's actually very good about that.

Diane is so excited about her good grades. It's pretty adorable.

Jack is not doing nearly as well in school, since he did skip a day. Also, he reeks.

At least both kids manage to find their beds and crash out for the night.

In the middle of the night, a gorgeous townie walks by. I am so marrying her in first chance I get. She has such a sweet face!

That's all for now. The next update will tragically contain the horrible screenshots I took immediately after my reinstall of the game, before I remembered to reset my screenshot parameters. Thanks for reading! I'm so glad I can play and update again!

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