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I realize this may be a moot question, since I update so infrequently, but I recently made a Tumblr (Confessions of a Failed Villainess, where I post geeky stuff, fashion stuff, music odds and ends and various things I am into...) and naturally, due to my interest in Sims and various simmers, I started following a lot of folks over there. It seems much more active than Livejournal, but I still find some of the ins and outs odd. (Also, I miss the LJ style posts of picture-caption-picture-caption type stuff. It seems so much more image based and less story based.) I have a learning curve, I'm sure due to the fact that I am old. (You kids get offa my lawn!)

I've been wondering now if I should start a Simblr separate from my current Tumblr blog to post my Sims stuff to just for tidiness' sake. I'd likely only post a few images and link back to full posts here (should I ever make a post again, har har...). I guess I am wondering if people prefer Simblrs to be 100% Sims-only content- it seems almost every week people are complaining on SimSecret about people posting non-Sims stuff on their Simblrs. Also, seems like there is a lot of drama over there, which is strange. I don't know, maybe I just missed all the drama on LJ because I'm not active enough.

In other things, I will be upgrading my computer finally from Window XP to Windows 7, and getting a larger hard drive/more memory, so I am looking forward to that. It's been far too long coming.

Anyway! If anyone has opinions about Tumblr vs. Livejournal, Simblr vs. general Tumblr, feel free to comment away. Just thinking about it makes me feel rather old and out of date!
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I was dinking around with my game last night and noticed an odd skins issue.

Okay, suddenly, a bunch of my Enayla custom skins will not show up selectable in the CAS screen. If I hit the randomize button, they will cycle in sometimes. However, when I select the custom skin option, they don't even show up at all. Only about half of them were showing up. However, in game, sims I had previously made using some of the non-selectable skins still had said skins.

Checking the literally dozens of Enayla custom eyes I have showed the same thing happening.

So, last night I went through and carefully started sorting through them, one by one. And weirdly, some of them were in my folder twice, but with slightly different names (one would be capitalized, one wouldn't be; or one would be the plain old vanilla name and one would be PixieDream-NC.package...) I have no idea where the extras came from. So, I removed ALL my Enayla skins and eyes (except for my defaults), and am painstakingly redownloading all of them with a checklist I made to make sure nothing gets duplicated.

I mean, I removed all the basic custom ones that corresponded to the ones that had been made defaults, I don't have any geneticized skins, it was most passing strange.

Anyway, any advice about this? Should I do anything with the cache files for the game or not? I'm open to any suggestions! I do have Free Time, but I removed all my hacks/CC before installing it, and only reinstalled the hacks that were approved/fixed for Free Time after that. (I have not patched my Free Time yet, and intend to use the MATY fixes for it... but they haven't been downloaded yet.)

My game groans with CC, but I've compressorized everything.

Weirdly, I dowloaded the new Wardrobe Wrangler last night, and re-townyfied my clothing so that Young Adults could conceivably wear it, and of course, only a tiny percentage of it is showing up in the YA CAS. I haven't had a chance to check yet if there are still issues with that aspect of the Wrangler, been on a horrible deadline at work.

EDIT TO ADD: Well, the "take everything out, redownload it and then put it back in" system seems to have fixed the CAS problem. Only issue? I lost the Enayla skin that Friedrich Gorey was wearing (and thus, his two progeny lost it as well...). It must have been one of her really really early ones that I first downloaded, and now isn't archived anywhere. (I grabbed everything over at InSim and MTS2.) RIP Friedrich's fishbelly white skin! I guess I can come up with an explanation for the legacy somehow. Ah well. At least the skins/eyes are all showing up in CAS now.


Jan. 15th, 2008 12:38 pm
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Question: does anyone out there know how to make skintones into defaults? I downloaded Poodle_Love's defaults of Enayla's Pixie skins and like all the tones except the darkest one (Pixie Hush, which is a pretty skin, don't get me wrong). I find it's just not dark enough, because I'd like there to actually be genetic diversity in my Sims neighborhoods. My Sims with the Dark skintone all look like Vanessa Williams or Beyonce!

I would really love it if someone could make Pixie Night from Enayla's Pixie Variety pack into a default for the darkest tone. I'm looking at tutorials, but it's all looking like stereo instructions to me. (I am not particularly computer savvy, sadly...)

Anyone know how to explain it in a simple way...? Or anyone willing to make a single default...? I would be forever grateful.

EDIT TO ADD: Simmers smarter than me have shown me the light that is MissSimGameFan's conversion of this tone. Huzzah, no complicated default making needs to be done! *dances the dance of joy*


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