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Just a tiny update (after a ridiculously long silence, yeah, I know, 2013 has not been my year, seriously) to get back into the swing of things- some Spare Spam on the other Gorey children, post marriage.

Backstory: Epitwee Gorey married a nice guy named Hal and had six children, Quentin, Celia, Thump, Ortenzia, Louise and Maud. Her LTW was to have all six children get married, which happened. Celia and Louise are doing a double heir thing and get to live in the main house. The other kids have been shipped off to apartments with their respective spouses, to produce cousins for the heirs' children. And, basically to be ignored forever unless there are family functions.

It's Ortenzia and her erstwhile husband Leslie! They apparently are all about being comfortable when at home.

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That's all for this mini entry. I'm hoping I can do more and use up all the pix I have for my three legacies soon, but life and work have interfered. I haven't even gotten to load my game in months. (Though, I have continued to download CC, what is wrong with me?!) Thanks for reading!

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Discovered I had enough screenies for an Eighties update! Whoo hoo! This is good, since I have had no time to play Sims in forever. Tragically, work and life have been In The Way.

Now, everyone remembers the deal here: it's an I'm Surrounded By Idiots (ISBI) Challenge, featuring our founder, Jenny Eighties. She married Luiz, a gorgeous imbecile, and they proceeded to have twins, the charming and dim-witted Jack and Diane. And oh yes, the naming theme for this legacy is the wonderful and often cheesy music of the 1980's. And other 80's stuff, because I am an Old. Anyway, let's get started!

We start with Jenny outside in her PJs, picking up the trash can, YET AGAIN. Why? Because she's the only one who can. Who cares if she's pregnant! I have no idea who keeps knocking it over, unless it's Diane. (It's probably Diane.)

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Anyway, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed it, and here's hoping I can actually get some time to play again soon. If only I didn't require sleep!

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Long delay between entries, I know, but that's the usual for me. This is a pretty sizeable one though, so maybe that makes up for it! Anyway, in our last delightful episode, everyone finally finished college, and there was much rejoicing!

First off, let's meet our main heir: Celia Gorey! She's rocking her new gothier makeover.

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And that's all for this massive update! Hopefully I can be a little quicker on the next one.

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It's been a while, but I've had work and real life interfering with my Simming time. Already totally blew my "I'm going to be more active in the Sims community and post more!" resolution I made and it's only February. Ah well! But here we go, a honking huge Gorey update, since I want to GET COLLEGE OVER WITH, GOOD LORD.

We start with a bright new day, and Ortenzia looking a bit melancholy since she is STILL IN COLLEGE. (I kid, I kid, she's probably melancholy because she slept alone.)

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That's all for this chapter. Thank god, college is finally finished. Next time, there will be wedding spam to end all wedding spam, since Epitwee's lifetime want is to see all six of her children married off. Thanks for reading!

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SO LONG since my last updates. I apologize. Too much work, not enough free time. But who cares about that, let's get to the Sims pix, right right?

Last time, the Goreys were still in college. AND THEY STILL ARE. I swear, college will never end. Why I ever let Epitwee have six children, I will never know.

Since Celia is super super artsy, she gives Louise some unasked for and unheeded critique.

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And that's all for now. Next time, the END OF COLLEGE. (And there was much rejoicing!) Thanks for reading!

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Finally some free time to do an update again! I warn everyone, this chapter will have my terrible tiny screenshots from when I was finally able to play again after reinstalling my game- I had forgotten to reset my screenshot size, so they look just awful. Apologies in advance.

We start with Jack, playing in the tub, little suspecting that in mere minutes of game time, he will be captured for all time in a cheap, poor resolution fashion to be displayed on the internet!

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That's all for this update! Next time: bigger screenshots, the birth of the newest addition to the Eighties clan, and more wacky ISBI hijinks! Thanks for reading!

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It has been a while for my Goreys, my actual no-cheating-do-things-by-the-book Legacy, hasn't it? A refresher, if you've forgotten who everyone is by now: Epitwee Gorey is our founder, a Family/Knowledge Sim with the lifetime want to marry off six children. She married Hal Cooke, a handsome Knowledge Sim she met in college. Hal wants to become a Media Magnate, which may or may not happen, as he's already an elder. They had six children: Quentin (Knowledge), twins Celia (Fortune) and Thump (Knowledge), twins Louise (Romance) and Ortenzia (Pleasure) and the baby, Maud (Family). Quentin and Thump are very dull. The girls have much more personality, making the heir race a close one to call. And, the naming theme for everyone are names and words taken from the works of Edward Gorey, which means if these Sims aren't goth, they'll likely be pretty eccentric.

Everyone is in college at the moment, and let me tell you, University takes for-freaking-ever with six kids.

Celia passes on some important advice to Maud over some mac & cheese. You know, as you do.

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And that's all for this update. There's MUCH MOAR COLLEGE to come, tragically. It takes so long! But hey, they're halfway there, at least!

Thanks for reading and comments are love. ^_^

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Once again, a return to the Gorey Legacy Mark. II! We will just pretend I posted this yesterday, instead of this morning. (Why no, WoW: Cataclysm isn't distracting at all, what makes you think that?)

The Gen2 kids are all *still* in college. It's crazy how long it takes with six kids!

We start with Maud working on body points for her grades; she also rocks the tutu for workout gear.

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And that's all for this update! There's more to come; I've been playing my various legacies/challenges in a rotation pattern, so next up should be either the Funny Farm or the Eighties ISBI. (Though, it's hard to tear myself away from WoW lately- my goblin is really fun, and I'm working on Loremaster *again* on my orc main. Thanks Blizz, for making none of the previous Loremaster work count...) Thanks for reading, I do appreciate it. ^_^

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It's been a while since I was able to update. But finally, my computer is upgraded! I have a new power supply, and four shiny gigs of RAM. My game looks so much nicer, it's pretty exciting to me. ^_^ In the sadder end of life, my sick kitty declined very quickly, and had to be put to sleep in the middle of October. I am still pretty unhappy about that. My other two kitties seem to know what's up though, as they are being extra cuddly ever since then.

But what you care about is Sims, and hopefully, specifically, The Goreys! Last entry, all of Epitwee and Hal's kids were shipped off to Sim State University, so let's catch up with them there!

We start with Quentin, the eldest. He grows up into an awful outfit.

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That's all for now- there's more college to come, since with six kids it takes a while. Thanks so much for reading! Even though I haven't been able to comment much lately, I'm still reading my friends list here every day and enjoying everyone else's Sims posts. They've definitely cheered me up the last couple of months. ^_^

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Oh, computer woes, how you vex and confound me. This update actually uses pics taken with my shiny new video card- and oh, it's so shiny and nice. However, it also has massive power needs. And tragically, my current computer power supply is Insufficient (as in, it overheats and wants to destroy everything). So, I've had to remove the Shiny New Video Card and haven't gotten to buy a replacement power supply yet. This has put a crimp in my Sims playing, as it's just hard to go back to onboard video. Add in that one of my beloved cats has been diagnosed with diabetes *and* a brain tumor, and I've been slightly broke and distracted. (My cats are very precious to me, so I spent a good deal on treatment for my kitty-- which just pushes my new power supply further away. But I'm happy my cat is still with us for a while longer.)

ANYWAY. Goreys. Sims. Gothiness. Let's get to that before I get too emo.

Thump is the first one to wake up this play session, so he is the first screen-cap victim.

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And that's all for now! Thank you as always for reading. I'm hoping I can play my game again soon; I haven't even loaded it since taking out the new video card because I'm still worried about the power supply overheating. It'll be a couple of paychecks before I can spring for a new one though, those vet bills kind of took a chunk out of the ol' finances. Oh, the delightful life of being a responsible adult.

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Finally, a bit of free time to update! I've been prevented from Simming for ages both due to work and because my computer decided my power supply was insufficient for my new video card. So, I've been trying not to overtax it while I wait for my new components to come in. And having used the new video card, going back to the on-board video card is like torture. Yes, yes, first world problems. Anyway! Time for Goreys!

Last time, Maud was born and became a toddler. Quentin, Celia and Thump all managed to snag teenage girlfriends. Epitwee and Hal continued to be in love.

It is the middle of the night, so of course when Hal and Twee get home from work, their children are still awake and playing outside. In the snow. Also, they need outdoor lighting like whoa.

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That's all for this update. Not that big, or really that exciting. Next update, we finally get into the screenies I took using my new video card. (Yes, the one that makes my computer overheat and freak out- I can't believe I'm upgrading components simply to have better video performance...)
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You know, someday I will understand how other people number their legacy posts, that whole 1.5, 4.8, 6.3, etc. system really just confuses me. (Can anyone explain it? I am poor with numbers...)

Last time, Maud was born, Celia and Thump became teens, Louise and Ortenzia became children, and precisely half of the children were incredibly dull. (It's not really Maud's fault though, being an infant.)

Starting off, Hal and Epitwee are still very much in love. And, their love is apparently a source of great delight to Ortenzia.

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And that's all for now! The teens all each have a regular crush that they are interested in, Louise and Ortenzia are having a fairly idyllic childhood so far, and Maud is being taught her toddler skills, albeit mostly off camera. Thanks so much for reading, I always appreciate it.

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Last time, the twins Louise and Ortenzia were born, and grew up out of their larval stage into the toddler stage. Our founder, Epitwee, got pregnant again on the sly (without me even noticing!) which will help in her LTW to marry off six children. Her husband Hal continued in his Journalism career. Celia was a giant bratling, which at least made her more interesting that her brothers Quentin and Thump, who were dull as dishwater. Now you're all caught up!

We start this update with Celia looking confused while using her EZ-Bake Oven. This does not bode well...

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That's all for now. As always, thank you so much for reading, I really appreciate it! Comments are also always appreciated. More to come, since I've been playing ahead. (And good god, getting six teens into college is the definition of Not Fun. Stupid Maud, making things take forever...)

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6

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So, last time I posted, Epitwee was about to give birth to her second set of twins. Her previous three children had no outward signs of getting any of her husband Hal's DNA at all- she pretty much managed to steamroller over his genetics with her own, 100%.

The first of the babies is born, and spitefully closes her eyes the instant I snap a picture. Is it Twee's genetics only all over again...?

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That's all for now, just a short update. I'll be going to a big anime convention this upcoming weekend (for work, not for fun, alas), so my time's been pretty eaten up with prep for that. That also contributed to the shortness of this update, but I wanted to get one out at least since it'd been a while. Thanks for reading!

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When we last left the Goreys, Quentin had grown up well and was now a child. He was pretty happy about the whole affair.

He has all his mother's genetics. I'll post his full stats when he hits his teen years.

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That's all for now! Tune in next time to see what the next set of twins will be like! Will they get *any* of Hal's genetic material, or will Epitwee's powerful DNA continue to dominate the children?

As always, thanks for reading!

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Somehow I managed to miss updating at all in March. Life's been.... busy and hectic. I've had these pictures saved up for more than a month, even. Shame on me. Anyway, let's get back to the Goreys!

If you can recall that long ago, Epitwee and Hal had their first child, Quentin Gorey. He has all his mother's genetics. He is also #1 in a series of 6, since Twee's LTW is to have six children get married.

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And that's all for this update! Join us again, hopefully sooner than a month from now, to find out how the new babies do. And will Hal ever get a job again?! A family of five can't survive on the income of one person!

Thanks so much for reading; comments are always appreciated. ^_^

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Missed a few weeks when I could update from having a trip out of town, and then had to scrub my computer clean to get rid of a trojan. But now all is well again, and I can Sim it up. (Also, I have a cold, so I am resting.)

Last time, Epitwee Gorey finished college and moved into her rather dismal tiny legacy cottage. The house is on a lot of land though, so she can expand the house if need be eventually.

Epitwee invites her college fiance Hal Cooke to come and live with her.

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That's all for this episode. I hope to get to update some more next week. Since I've had this cold/sinus problem/flu thingie I've been knocked out with, I've not had much time to play. But I'm taking it easy on my day off today, so hopefully I can get some more done. Thanks for reading!

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Finally, I am posting the last of my Gorey Legacy pictures. Alas, they are all gone. ALAS! Nothing could be saved when my previous hard drive crashed and burned. But here, enjoy some images from the past of Sims that will never be seen again!

Embley and Breanna, calmly discussing whether they should maybe woohoo or not. Stick two lesbian Knowledge Sims together and they aren't really going to light the world on fire with their passion, know what I'm sayin'?

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And that's all that's left. It's still kind of sad that they're all gone.

I've been playing a bit with my new founder, Epitwee Gorey (Friedrich's long lost cousin, I've decided) and she's been fun so far. I also started a Rainbow Legacy challenge, with Alizarin Polychrome. (Unlike most Rainbow Challenges, I'm actually doing the rainbow in correct ROY G. BIV order, so I am starting with red.) I still have to track down my Photoshop install disk though, I can't do any editing on my screenshots yet at all. Which is frustrating. But hey, eventually I'll be able to update those legacies? One hopes?

Anyway, here's a couple of completely un-Photoshopped preview pictures of my two new founders for the new challenges I'm doing. In a cut again, because they might be big.
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Anyway, they're both pretty fun so far. I'm looking forward to getting the pictures ready and doing new updates. I miss talking about my Sims.
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I still had some snaps uploaded to my Photobucket site that I hadn't gotten to yet; hence we have an update of lost Sims left for your reading enjoyment. It's enjoyment that will be tempered with sadness though, since not one of these Sims survived the Massive Hard Drive Meltdown of Doom. Alas!

Let's start with some cute toddler spam, since that's cheerful. Zillah is all about the activity table. Dozens and dozens more pictures under the cut...

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That's all for now. There's one more batch of pictures left to do, and then this iteration of the Goreys will disappear into the big Sim-Bin in the sky. I've got a new Gorey Legacy founder made up, and have started playing her story (Epitwee Gorey, a long-lost distant cousin of Friedrich Gorey...), so she will get her time to shine once this is finished up.

I'm still kind of peeved that my hard drive was unsalvageable, but what can you do? Just have to move on! Thanks for reading, as always.
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Missed my usual Sunday updates a couple of times there. Alas! This Wednesday update will have to hold people, since it's doubtful if I can get to an update this coming Sunday. It's a busy week!

We'll start this update with Hobart getting promoted! He's now a CEO, at the top of the Business career track! Also, this puts him perma-platinum.

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That's all for this update. Not terribly long, but I wanted to at least get something up since I'm trying to maintain a good update schedule. I'm leaning towards Dawbis so far as the Generation 3 heir, but who knows, with Zillah and Fetus #2 in the mix now. Plus, who knows who will impress me in college. (It's not that I dislike Snedleigh, he's just... kinda... there.) ^_^ As always, thanks for reading!


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