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It's been a while, but I've had work and real life interfering with my Simming time. Already totally blew my "I'm going to be more active in the Sims community and post more!" resolution I made and it's only February. Ah well! But here we go, a honking huge Gorey update, since I want to GET COLLEGE OVER WITH, GOOD LORD.

We start with a bright new day, and Ortenzia looking a bit melancholy since she is STILL IN COLLEGE. (I kid, I kid, she's probably melancholy because she slept alone.)

Maybe there's something in the air, since Maud looks a bit down in the mouth too. Or maybe my first assessment, that they're tired of college, is the correct one. Lord knows I'm tired of it at this point!

Maud is also tired of cheerleaders screeching first thing in the morning when she's just trying to get some breakfast in her.

Louise hasn't learned yet that Azarias Wang is a total dickbag. HELLO, have you seen his NAME, Louise?! Also, he was rude to you even when you were an adorable child.

At some point, Tenzi must have spied on old Mr. Capp as well, since he busts in to give her the business.

Ortenzia takes Mr. Capp's punishment quite badly. Hmm, surprised to see that Louise is made of sterner stuff than her twin.

Why bother socializing with the other dormies when you have plenty of siblings?!

I'm really REALLY getting tired of college, so everyone is forced to work on papers and skill constantly at this point.

Yes, even Louise, who is not pleased by this turn of events.

I'm really starting to have a hard time deciding which twin I like better- Ortenzia or Louise. I pretty much adore Celia, but these two are fighting a battle for my affections and choice as secondary heir.

Louise tends the fish, and makes a lovely face while doing so.

Cafeteria Lady Firestarter starts yet ANOTHER fire in the kitchen. How did this woman even get her job?! Thump races to the scene to try to help? Clean up? I have no idea.

Celia is visited by the same hippie woman who started stalking her when she was a child. They clearly have very lax personal safety laws in Veronaville. (And oh yes, she maxed her Arts & Crafts enthusiasm.)

Thump is very distraught that he isn't heir. Or that he's still TRAPPED IN COLLEGE.

Celia actually doing some cleaning. This is very rare. But she needed the points to graduate.

Exercise and Louise don't really get along too well...

Maud continues to be charming. She trash talks her brother...

Then, she immediately goes and macks on her fiance. Maud does whatever she wants!

Louise does NOT want that dormie to sit with them. Read the tank top, fella. Then just walk away....

Thump finishes his paper! Yay!

The fires have gotten so commonplace, most of the dorm inhabitants don't even notice them anymore.

After this play session, I got my new improved upgraded computer! New ram! A new video card! Let me tell you, I was thrilled. (And, as this was what, the end of last year? That tells you how long I've been sitting on these screenshots.)

First thing all the girls did when I started the new play session? Zerged Celia the instant she got up. Well, that was different.

At least Maud and Ortenzia got distracted talking about something else....? I was worried there was a little too much filial love taking place there for a second.

Glamour shots of everyone!



Louise! (with strange fisheye lens effect...)



And Thump. Who is still quite pretty, but still, so very dull.

Maud and Ashton waste no time.

What's this? A male dormie that Ortenzia is not a fan of? But Tenzi, you like *everybody*!

The endless slog of classes is starting to wear down the girls.

Thump seems determined to parade around in as little as possible, even though that won't help his heir chances at all.

MOAR college. Skill! Skill, my pretties!

Ashton & Maud are the nerdiest couple. They talk about the universe together all the time.

I was hoping that would lead to some cute nerdy canoodling, but Maud's classes are at stupid hours of the night now.

Ortenzia is still using Gaius as a mood-booster.

Based on the points received there and the number of Goreys standing at the portal, I am going to hazard a guess that this was a final exam of some kind.

Ashton: stinking, but cheerful. Gaius: clean, but seems a bit down. Perhaps he's realized Tenzi doesn't really love him that much.

Ortenzia has skill points to get, streaker-girl. Otherwise, I am sure she'd be delighted to dance with you. Naked, even.

Mr. Capp has managed to make Thump cry, and thus, his day is complete.

Possibly going to an exam? Possibly going to class? Possibly I have forgotten why I took some of these screenshots?

You're in the home stretch, kids! Keep at the homework!

Artsy shot of Celia is artsy.

Meanwhile, Louise has actually fallen for Fayiz! Seriously, worst Romance Sim ever. She has almost no interest in love!

It's cute that Louise is finally living up to her Romance potential. Also, I love her mismatched undies.

Meanwhile, the coach has forced Ortenzia to work out. Well, that's one way to keep her occupied so she doesn't try to horn in on her sisters' men.

Fayiz and Louise are pretty cute together.

Fayiz must have liked his date!

The FINAL final exam is almost upon us! Celia and Quentin make sure they have all their work finished.

Ortenzia and Thump play pinball to de-stress before the big test.

Maud vegges out in front of the weather channel.

Louise spends her time calling Azarias Wang and vacillating wildly between liking him and hating him. (Too much Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre for that girl, lemme tell ya.)

Omelets are eaten. Quentin remarks that they're the last omelets they will have in college!

Louise becomes OCD about the bushes being too overgrown before her final exam. After all, who will cut them when she graduates?!

Dormie Cal has some kind of stinking flip-out in the common room.

Thump is having none of it. Cal is appropriately shamefaced.



The rest of the kids are still stressing over their pending exams.

Who is christening the photobooth?!

Ask a stupid question, of course it's Tenzi!

Gaius: Whoa... babe, I uh, really love you!

Ortenzia: Uhhh, yeah, that's nice...


Seriously, I am considering never again letting anyone have six kids. Or else, they will only get to send ONE to college.

As Quentin is the eldest, he gets the graduation party. It's a consolation prize for not being the heir.

SAY! Well, he is having quite the shindig in the photobooth with Xiang!

Clearly, he's feeling very frisky since he's finally done with school!

That photobooth is getting quite the workout.

Okay, did NOT expect it to be Maud and Ashton! Also, I like that Celia couldn't be bothered to get dressed for her brother's party.

Everyone smustles the night away! Including their mom, Epitwee.

Quentin moves back home!

Going in birth order, Celia is next to move out!

She's still a knockout as an adult!

She also aged up into a perfectly cromulent Celia-style outfit.

Thump is next!

He seems unhappy with the outfit the game chose for him, though it's not that different from his last one.

He also makes an attractive adult. Still painfully dull though, sorry you aren't heir, baby!

Ortenzia is next...

Oh.... uh.... wow.... nice pants, Tenzi.

Ortenzia is distressed to have to ride all the way back to Veronaville with half of each buttcheek touching the upholstery in the cab....

She's still quite pretty though!

It's Louise's turn next!

Louise is not down with wearing a t-shirt. She has a romantic soul! But hey, at least she's fully clothed!

Also, Louise is still gorgeous!

Maud, the baby of the family, makes the call.


Maud is also still perfectly cute as an adult.

BONUS STAGE: Girlfriend spam!

Xiang, Quentin's girlfriend.

Renee, Thump's girlfriend.

And, Matilda, Celia's girlfriend! Matilda is beautiful as an adult! Thank you, default face replacement templates!

Finally, all the kids are out of college and I can get on with their lives! The heir winners are.........

CELIA! And because I am crazy, LOUISE! Something about her just charmed me so much in college. Maybe it was her bizarre obsession with Azarias Wang, I don't know.

That's all for this chapter. Thank god, college is finally finished. Next time, there will be wedding spam to end all wedding spam, since Epitwee's lifetime want is to see all six of her children married off. Thanks for reading!

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Date: 2012-02-06 10:16 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
I personally find that Uni tends to be either very amusing or very boring and there doesn't seem to be much in the way of controlling which you are going to get. So I fully understand your frustrations of wanting to get it over with. :)

You have some really pretty sims but I must admit that both Celia and Lousie were my favorites of the bunch. So it will be interesting to see how things progress with them both.

Date: 2012-02-06 05:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have noticed that about Uni as well! I've noticed if you have fewer playables in the dorm, it's a little easier and a little more entertaining. Six is really pushing the limits of what can be fun.

And thank you for the Sim compliments! That is high praise coming from someone whose Sims I admire so much. ^_^ *blush* Celia really struck me from the time she was a toddler, so I was pretty much certain she'd be the main heir from the get-go, but I have a bad habit of doing double-heirs. It's always so hard to choose just one!

Date: 2014-03-13 10:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Awesome marathon matriculation, thanks for sticking with it! Delighted to hear about Louise, my fave!


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