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It's a truly never-ending saga of non-heirs! Jeezum crow, I am never letting anyone have six kids again, seriously. It's wreaking havoc on my OCD need to see them all have kids. Oh yeah, and my OCD need to keep them all around the same age. What is WRONG with me?!

Anyway, we start this time with Anthony & Rosemarie Varma's little family.

That would be baby Rob, attempting to flood the downstairs with toilet water. I am grateful they don't have a maid, because she'd hate the toddler.

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And that's all for this mini-update! I haven't had a lot of time to play lately, but I am just itching to do so. And soon, soon all the Rosales-Varma siblings will have their babies grown into children so I can return to the main house and the actual heirs, Rosales and Bindi! Hooray! I also can't wait to play the Gorey Legacy to see how they deal with Free Time.
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More Adventures of Non-Heirs, as I try to keep all the progeny of Generation 3 around the same age so I don't get confused later...

We start with Amin Varma toilet training little Beniboom. This would be because Boomfreeka can't be bothered to mother her son. She's a famous actress, after all!

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That's all for now- more to come as I get more pictures sorted and prepared. As always, thanks for reading and comments are always appreciated.
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It's more Adventures of Non-Heirs, simply for the benefit of genetic experimentation!

We start off at Alfred & Shea Varma's place. The two have done their baby-making duty, so of course that means Alfred has to greet the welcoming committee in his skivvies. Again, Stubbly Jones and Lilly Varma are present.

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That's all for now, there will be more coming as I get more picture sorted. And yes, hopefully I will soon return to the actual heirs of this family! ^_^
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Yet more of this terribly exciting domestic saga. Things get a bit disjointed here and there, as I found I could not leave well enough alone, and just had to see how all the *other* non-heir genetics would work out. Hopefully, I can make it all make sense, but with six children in generation three of the Rosales-Varma clan, it's kind of a lot to keep track of.

We start with Alfred Varma and his husband Shea. Shea is also suffering from involuntary skin-bleaching brought on by my new default skins. It doesn't change how they feel about each other though...

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That's all for this update! I have more screenies to process and sort, so hopefully I can get more done. I just wish I could stop obsessively playing every couple in this generation. It's a sickness, I tell ya! Thank you for reading.
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Finally have had a chance to sort my screenies, and thus a new update is born! Last time, Hortense and Rosales Varma had a daughter, who they named Agnes. Nancy Varma got pregnant by Bindi (omg hax), and Banjari and Froog continued to be Very Very Old.

We start with Nancy demonstrating the phenomenon known as the "pop".

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Anyway, that's all for now! More to come as I get more screenies sorted and prepped. Thanks for reading!
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This chapter is chock-a-block with love and marriage.

We start with Anthony, getting his whammy from his wish- a Romance sim, getting engaged? Preposterous!

Out of all the babes he's bagged, Rosemarie seems the nicest, so she gets the engagement ring.

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More to come. I hope the pictures aren't too big, I set the game camera defaults slightly higher and liked the results.


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