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Livejournal's quirky "you have to delete all your LJ cookies if you use Firefox, tee hee!" glitches the last few days have rendered me positively stabulous.

Short now, since I literally have written this damnable update five times now:

--Video card is dying, hence all the errors I've been getting. (It's from 2005-2006, so not surprised.) What was once confined to the Sims has started happening in other graphics-heavy processes, like watching videos or playing Warcraft.

--Bought new video card, should be here this week.

--Am hoping this means I can *play* Sims again, and thus continue updating. (That is, if Livejournal FIXES THEIR GLITCHINESS.)

--Have to paint a room in the house this weekend; very much not looking forward to it. Want Sims-style room-color-changing system in real life, please and thank you.

Date: 2011-07-29 03:19 pm (UTC)
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I haven't even bothered much with LJ recently, to the point where my paid account expired (I think it was billed to my old credit card or something) and I haven't renewed it. Not worth $25 at the moment.

Of course, coming here and having popup ads that Safari doesn't block shoved in my face is also very annoying. All my cookies in both Safari AND Firefox got reset recently when stupid fucking Windows tried to fix itself and made things worse. What a piece of shit OS. (It's why you've seen almost nothing from me on Twitter lately, because I got logged out and can't remember my password, and only just a few minutes ago was I able to use the "reset password" function without being told "Twitter is over capacity". Urgh.)


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