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Teeny weeny update for this, as I haven't gotten a chance to play more of it yet in the what, two weeks since my Sims game has been working again...? Either way, I had some pictures saved up so those will be what we use!

We start with Meg and Tracy becoming best friends. Tracy seems happy, Meg seems.... blase.

Tracy autonomously goes and cleans all the reeking dishes that have been strewn about the house. Thanks, Tracy!

Meg congratulates Roz on being such a player and hooking up with not one, but TWO inmates. As Meg is a Romance sim, she thinks this is a great achievement!

Meg then goes on to talk about bondage for a while with Roz.

Annnnnd we're back to Meg REFUSING to sleep in a bed. So, she sleeps on the living room couch in the middle of the day. Dammit, Meg!

Roz is exhausted as well...

She yells about it for a while. But, you'll notice, doesn't actually GO to BED. Apparently, Roz's yelling improves her relationship with Tracy, if the plus signs are any indication.

Joe cleans the toilet as soon as he uses it. Thanks, Joe!

I'm beginning to think Tracy is a force for good in this asylum, as she and Roz head up to sleep in some of the beds. Thanks for helping, Tracy! Peer pressure always works. (Except on Meg.)

Amy actually washes herself when she is dirty! Good Amy!

Brian NEEDS to GET TO THE FRIDGE. Joe is in the way! Gah!

I guess cleanliness is more important to Brian than food, though. Or privacy for that matter. Brian Does Not Care.

Amy eats alone. In the living room, Meg wakes up, because, well, THERE ARE PEOPLE TROMPING THROUGH THERE. All the time, in fact. Not a good place to sleep, the living room.

Joe brings in the bills! And then stares off into space for a good long time.... sadly, only James can actually pay the bills, and he's at work.

Matt heartfarts over Amy again. Amy is nonplussed by this nonsense.

James got home from work, and went to pay the bills. James' life is nothing but drudgery and sadness.

Meg is starving! If only there were an object nearby with food stored inside it!

Yay, she finds some food! Boo, she is freaking terrifying with that knife! Literally a constant WHACK WHACK WHACK on the cutting board, totally crazypants chopping.

Aw, Meg burned the spaghetti!

She eats hers in the kitchen so she doesn't have to hear the snide comments of her co-inmates.

Tickle party! Joe looks terrified.

Roz is *trying* to use the can. Matt is weeping about peeing himself.

Meg found a bed! And is sleeping in it! Yay Meg!

Roz makes out with Matt in the tiny outhouse, even though he is still soaked with urine. Ewwww.....

Apparently Joe was not satisfied by his burnt repast and makes some more food.

Amy and Brian decide to hang out on the driveway and chat all night. Not completely out of the realm of possibility.

Meanwhile, Tracy has to use the toilet, so she shoos the lovebirds out of the outhouse.

Matt isn't learning anything, so he's worried. Also, he bathed himself, so he no longer reeks of pee.

Joe ends up having to sleep on the couch. Not enough beds in an asylum!

Roz jumps into the middle of Amy & Brian's conversation to let it be known that SHE NEEDS FOOD!

Oh yeah, they are eating burnt leftovers. Meg stares, fearful of their judgement.

Roz apparently needs another mood-boost.

And yep, she's fully aware she's trapped in this place just like the rest of them!

And that's all for this update. More to come when I get some more time to play!

Cases of pants-peeing: 1
Cases of passing out: 0
Cases of aspirational failure: 0
Cases of illness: 0
Deaths: 0

(Pretty good stats this time! They all managed to keep themselves reasonably alive and kicking!)

Date: 2011-08-23 04:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love how helpless my Sim self looks.

Date: 2011-08-23 05:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
BTW, Joe cleaning the toilet is NOT RL.

Date: 2011-08-23 08:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The one time I tried the asylum challenge,(I blame you for the idea, by the way)SIX of the inmates died in the first week. One grease fire on the stove and that was all she wrote.

My control Sim never achieved her LTW and just carried on through old age with the remaining inmate.

Strangely, now I kinda want to try again.


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