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I return! I have been working a lot, went to a convention, got sick after said convention (ew, con crud) and finally am feeling human again. So, I felt I should update at least one of my legacies. Turns out my Polychrome Rainbow challenge hasn't been touched in SIX MONTHS, so I felt that one should get an update, no matter how weeny it is. So here we go!

Basics: founder, Alizarin Polychrome (obsessed with the color red) married Austin Nakano and has produced one possible heir for Generation Orange, baby Clementine. Their tiny family lives with Maple, a most demanding cat. Also, this legacy is purely for fun, so I cheat like a mad cheating thing on this one. On to the pics!

Maple demands attention, since Alizarin has been ignoring her in favor of her infant. GAH, GEEZ.

Speaking of doting on the infant, Austin is an excellent father right out the gate.

Here, we can see that Clementine got her father's eyes, instead of her mom's slightly demonic custom red ones...

Yep, Clementine is an infant, so she's pretty much an uninteresting blob of pixels. I do like this baby doohickey though, since it gives infants *something* to do!

Ahem, Maple demands attention, foolish human male.

Alizarin returns from work looking quite severe.

OH. She got demoted. I honestly never get chance cards right!

Austin, I doubt the baby can read your diary. She clearly can't see from that far away.

Some kind of K-Pop townie wanders by....

Austin DEFIES Maple, and befriends a Dalmation.

It turns out to be a bad idea, since he has to scold the dog later for being destructive in the house. Maple is still the queen!

Austin: So, you wanna make out....?

Alizarin:AND HOW!

These two are like rabbits.

Ali looks a little out of it here. Perhaps her world was rocked a bit too much...

Ali, why are you putting the baby on the cold tile floor?!

Ah, I see. Queen Maple appeared to demand her tribute.

Austin's love for building sand castles is getting a little irksome.


Maple: Soon, you will worship me as well, tiny human spawn!

How cute are these two, seriously?! They are adorbs.

Their newly hired nanny seems quite pleased that Austin is taking out the trash in his boxers when she shows up.

WHAT IS THIS, I DON'T EVEN.... the nanny is a demon for cleaning. I have never seen the like! She will be known as WinNanny.


Ali gets re-promoted to where she was in her career! Awesome!

WinNanny TAKES CARE OF THE BABY. I seriously don't know what to do. Should I attempt to clone her? Can you even do that with service NPCs?!

I unfortunately don't realize it's Clementine's birthday, until her mom goes to help her with it.

Rasssin' frassin' confetti, always in the way in pictures....

Clementine is serious looking. And that hair gots to go...

Ah, there we go, some neon orange hair for the first baby of Generation Orange!

And, we end this "chapter" with Alizarin teaching Clementine to talk. They're very cute!

Not a huge entry, but an entry all the same! I'm hoping that since I'm over the lingering sickness now, I can try to update a little more frequently. We shall see! All my co-workers are taking vacations soon, so perhaps I will be stymied in my plans. Either way, thanks for reading!

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Date: 2012-06-28 09:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
A lovely family :) Clementine is beautiful, and the orange contrasts rather nicely with her dark skintone. If she was too be the next heir, of course !

Date: 2012-06-29 01:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thank you! I am liking the neon orange on Clementine too. I'm hoping they have a couple more kids to choose from for heir, but I wouldn't mind if it ended up just being Clementine. ^_^


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