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Just wanted to wave a little flag and let people know I am still alive! Since my last post, I've been super busy, between my two jobs, various illnesses that keep cropping up for either me or the Husbando (the best was when I got poisoned by an antibiotic prescribed by my doctor that we didn't know I was allergic to! WHOOOOO! Science!), and I've been dealing with a crazy tax mess since July. On top of all of this, we rescued a puppy that someone abandoned on our street. (I'm a cat person and we have two cats already, but we couldn't just leave the poor girl out in the street. None of the neighbors could take her, either.) So, I have learned that having a puppy is much like having a two-year-old, in that you can't take your eyes off them for a second. Since my office where my Simming computer (desktop!) lives is a No-Dog-Zone, I haven't been able to do any playing of the Sims lately. (Or, for that matter, Mists of Pandaria, which I am JONESING TO PLAY SO HARD! Ermahgerd pet battles!) I've still been reading people's journals in my teeny bits of free time, and still downloading CC (though, I don't know WHY since I haven't had time to install it!), but there hasn't been time to load up the game or do any updates on any of my legacies. I really miss Simming!

On the plus side, since I am kind of forced to spend my few hours off between work-job-time and sleep-time in the living room with the dog, I have gotten caught up on some TV that I neglected. Downton Abbey is the bomb!!! And, I am working my way through more Buffy, Angel and True Blood. My queue on Hulu is chock a block with great Korean dramas now too. And, while it is totally over the top and crackified, I can't stop watching Make It or Break It. What can I say, I like really crazy dramas. Boardwalk Empire is pretty much totally great as well- flawless historical costuming on that show!

Anyway, I just wanted to post so people would know I'm still alive out there and still reading. I'm eagerly awaiting the day when our puppy calms the heck down and outgrows her hyper puppy stage so we can go back to reasonably normal lives. She's finally getting crate training down a little bit, at least.


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